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NeoAir XLite NXT being pumped up
NeoAir XLite NXT components
NeoAir XLite NXT packed up

Thermarest NeoAir XLite NXT

This new, improved XTherm is warmer and thicker (3 inches!) than previous models yet maintains the same light weight. Thermarest also reduced the noise of this model by 83%. Made of two stacked layers of trangular baffles for stability the mat also has an internal reflective coating to reflect your heat back to you. The WingLock valve makes for easy one-way inflation and fast deflation. This mat is perfect for the minimalist or backpacker when you want the warmth but not the weight.  

Comes with pump sack, stuff sack and repair kit.

  Regular Large
R-value 4.5 4.5
Weight 350 g 470 g
Width 51 cm 64 cm
Length 183 cm 196 cm
Thickness 7.6 cm 7.6 cm
Packed dimensions 23 x 10 cm 28 x 12 cm