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Our ski and snowshoe rentals are available as soon as there is good snow coverage.  Please note that renting may be suspended throughout the season if conditions are marginal.  Contact us by phone for current conditions and rental situation.

Cross country skis 

Our skis are suitable for all levels of skiers and we have children's sizes as well.  Ski packages include skis, boots and poles.  Experienced staff will size you and are more than willing to give you information and pointers if needed.   

  • Adult Classic Waxless Ski Package $20/day -  (174cm and over) 
  • Adult Skate Ski Package $30/day
  • Adult Skin Ski Package $30/day 
  • Child Classic Waxless Ski Package $15/day  - (170cm and less)

Wildwood golf course ski trail saskatoon

We recommend you phone ahead to reserve skis or snowshoes for weekends; we require payment ahead of time for this. If plans change and you need to cancel, we will gladly refund your deposit as long as you cancel at least 72 hours  (3 days) prior to pick-up.


  • unisex aluminum frame snowshoes; various sizes 
  • Poles included in price if requested
  • $20/day