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***Please note: cross country ski rentals are over for the 2020 season. Thanks for renting with us!***

Our ski and snowshoe rentals are available as soon as there is good snow coverage.  Please note that renting may be suspended throughout the season if conditions are marginal.  Contact us by phone for current conditions and rental situation.

Cross country skis 

Our skis are suitable for all levels of skiers and we have children's sizes as well.  Ski packages include skis, boots and poles.  Experienced staff will size you and are more than willing to give you information and pointers if needed.   

  • Adult Classic Waxless Ski Package $20/day -  (174cm and over) 
  • Adult Skate Ski Package $30/day
  • Adult Skin Ski Package $30/day 
  • Child Classic Waxless Ski Package $15/day  - (170cm and less)

Wildwood golf course ski trail saskatoon

We recommend you phone ahead to reserve skis or snowshoes for weekends; we require payment ahead of time for this. If plans change and you need to cancel, we will gladly refund your deposit as long as you cancel at least 72 hours  (3 days) prior to pick-up.


  • Atlas and Faber in unisex, men's and women's styles
  • Poles included in price if requested
  • $20/day



We have a fleet of canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards available to rent. Rental costs include PFD's, paddles, and other equipment you might need. An 8-canoe trailer is also available with a minimum 4 boat rental.

Damage deposit is $100 per boat (and trailer), to be paid when you pick up the boat(s). (Note: if equipment is in need of cleaning upon return we will retain a $15 fee from this deposit.) 

We recommend you phone ahead to reserve boats, especially on weekends; we will charge half the rental rate as a deposit in order to hold your boat(s). If plans change and you need to cancel, we will gladly refund your deposit as long as you cancel at least 72 hours  (3 days) prior to pick-up.

Please note: if we cannot properly secure a boat on your vehicle we cannot rent it to you. Some vehicles, especially newer models, have features that make it difficult to load and tie a boat on. We have foam blocks, straps and rope and will do our best to make it work for you, but if at all unsure please come by the store beforehand so we can take a look. 

Eb's rental canoes

Canoes $50/day

We have 8 Clipper Yukons which are 16'8 fiberglass canoes.  Rental includes PFD's, whistles, bailer, throw bag, paddles, and tie down materials.

Kayaks- $50/day

We have 1 Old Town Castine 140 (14') and 1 Old Town Castine 145 (14.5') polyethylene kayaks for rent.  Both have rudders and are sized to fit most paddlers.  Rental includes PFD, whistle, pump, throw bag, paddle, and tie down materials. Spray skirt and paddle float optional.

Stand Up Paddleboards - $50 - $100/day

All of our rental boards are inflatable and include carry bag, fin, pump and repair kit.  We have 4 Blu Wave Allsport 10.10 EV boards ($50 per day) and one Blu Whale which can take 6 paddlers ($100 per day).  Rental includes PFD, whistle, paddle, leash, throw bag with clip and tie down materials.

Boat Trailer - $50/day

Trailer is available only if renting 4 or more canoes.  It can carry 8 boats and requires 2" ball and 4-pin electrical connection.  Please take a look at the picture to see if you have the right connection.  If you aren't sure, come by the store and we'll check it for you! 

Ebs boat trailer rental