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Winter 2021 

We have cross country skis and snowshoes available for rent. Our snowshoes are unisex aluminum frame style in various sizes to fit adults and older children (approximately age 10 and up).

Our skis are suitable for all levels and ages of skiers.  Ski packages include skis, boots and poles.  Staff will pick out the correct sizes based on your height, weight and shoe size, so have this information ready when you book.  

Wildwood golf course ski trail saskatoon

This season due to the pandemic we are offering weekend rentals with pickup Fridays and drop off Mondays. The charge is a two-day rental. We will take bookings in person or over the phone and full payment is required at time of booking. Please have the height and weight (and shoe size, for skis) of each user at time of booking.

If you need to cancel we will gladly refund you as long as it is at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to pick-up.

Waxless Ski Package: $40/weekend

Junior Ski Package: $30/weekend

Skate Ski Package: $60/weekend

Snowshoes: $40/weekend