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Summer Shop Services

Shop rate: $80/hr

Need some work done on your summer gear that duct tape can't handle?  Give us a call and we'll see if we can help you.

Roof Rack install charges:

  • New roof rack install - $50
  • Roof rack install with used components - SHOP RATE
  • Truck rack install - $80
  • Hullavator kayak loader install - $80
  • Accessories install - SHOP RATE

roof rack installation

Winter Shop Services

Glide Wax:

Every new pair of skis needs a glide wax application whether they are waxable, waxless, skin or skate skis. This application protects the gliding zones of your ski bases and facilitates glide on the snow. 

It is also recommended that you glide wax your skis every 50 - 100 km or so. For many people, once a season works well. Bring your skis in as soon as the snow flies so they are fresh and ready for the winter. 

  • Standard Glide Wax $25 - skis cleaned, liquid glide wax applied then skis brushed and spray base binder or Skin Care applied to grip zone where applicable.
  • Performance Glide Wax $35 - skis cleaned, liquid ONE glide wax applied then skis brushed and spray base binder or Skin Care applied to grip zone where applicable. 
  • Premium Glide Wax $50 - skis cleaned, liquid RACE wax or ironed wax (temperature specific) applied then binder ironed in where applicable. Structure can be added if necessary.

hot waxing xc skis

Hot Tar (for wood skis) $50 - Wood skis need a different kind of base treatment that involves heating pine tar into the ski base using a blow torch. The skis are fully cleaned before this procedure and are ready to wax for the day when you pick your skis up.

Hot Box Wax $40 - This is like a sauna treatment for your skis! Skis are saturated with wax and heated in the hot box (like an oven) for 4-5 hours. The wax deeply penetrates the ski bases and conditions them as if you had hot waxed them 15 times or so. This treatment is recommended in addition to a Performance or Premium Hot Wax.

xc ski hot box

Ski Cleaning $15 - Usually included in the above charges, we sometimes come across skis that are dirty and sticky enough that it takes some effort to clean properly. In these cases we are required to apply this extra cleaning fee.

Skin Replacement $25 (skins not included)

Grip Zone Prep $20 - This service includes grip tape application, skin cleaning and treatment, and prepping a classic waxable ski grip zone with sanding and ironed binder.

Binding Installations:

  • $20 for standard installation; no charge if skis purchased here 
  • $35 for transfers/remounts (includes deck repair or plate install if needed)
  • $35 for rollerski binding install

Pole services:

  • $15 for basket or tip replacement
  • $25 for pole shortening