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A work of art, made for life.

We think kayaks are a work of art – that’s why we often have one up on our wall. Whether you are an art collector, serious sea kayaker, or someone interested in getting into the sport, Delta Kayaks will have a boat that fits your needs. Offering the best made thermoformed kayaks and made at home in BC, Canada, Delta boats are lightweight, durable, and beautifully attractive. You can tell they are designed by kayakers – from the small details such as paddle holders and recessed deck fittings, to features such as hard hatch covers on the bow for extra water protection. Each kayak that leaves the factory has been put through strict quality control so whether it’s on your wall or under your derriere, you know you’ve made a good investment.



  • Delta 15.5GT (Rudder)

    Delta 15.5GT (Rudder)


    Delta 15.5GT (Rudder)

    Delts's 15.5 has always been its signature model.  Now it has been reinvented in the GT, offering more performance, comfort and features.  It's got a sleeker profile and is lighter weight.  With a new V-shaped hull the kayak is stable even in inclement conditions, and the long waterline means it keeps its course well.  It's got the fabulous capacity and load storage that the standard 15.5 model is known for, but an upgraded Contour Seat System, Press-Lock Hatch System and soft grip handles are small comforts worth investing in.

    Length: 15'6
    Width: 24"
    Depth: 13”
    Weight: 49 lbs / 22.2 kg
    Cockpit: 17’’ x 32’’
    Cockpit Volume: 48 gal / 181 ltr
    Bow Dry Storage: 25 gal / 92 ltr
    Day Hatch: 1.8 gal / 7 ltr
    Stern Dry Storage: 38 gal / 147 ltr
    Maximum Capacity: 400 lbs / 181 kg

  • Delta 15S (Skeg)

    Delta 15S (Skeg)


    Delta 15S (Skeg)

    Created for lighter paddlers with intermediate to advanced skills, the 15S has sleeker lines, a lower deck profile and a smaller cockpit.  It's got enough storage for multi day tripping, and a convenient day hatch for your reachables.  Featuring an adjustable ultralight seat, gas pedal foot braces, reflective perimeter lines and generous deck rigging.

    Length: 15'
    Width: 22'
    Depth: 11.5''
    Weight: 44lbs / 20kg
    Cockpit: 16'' x 31.5''
    Cockpit Volume: 39 Gal / 159 L
    Bow Dry Storage: 12.1 Gal / 45.8 L
    Day Hatch: 1.8 Gal / 7 L
    Stern Dry Storage: 30.3gal / 114.7 L
    Maximum Capacity: 270 lbs / 122 kg

  • Delta 16 (Skeg)

    Delta 16 (Skeg)


    Delta 16 (Skeg)

    At a sweet 16 feet this kayak balances excellent tracking with easy manoeverability.  Elegant and responsive, the Delta 16 can handle rough conditions in ocean, wind and surf and has enough capacity for multi day excursions.  Equipped with Delta's new adjustable Contour Seat System and Press-Lock Hatch System.  Note the day hatch for keeping a few essentials within easy reach.

    Length: 16'
    Width: 22''
    Depth: 12.25''
    Weight: 48 lbs / 21 kg
    Cockpit: 17'' x 32''
    Cockpit Volume: 42.5 Gal / 161.0 L
    Bow Dry Storage: 20.8 Gal / 78.6 L
    Day Hatch: 1.8 Gal / 7 L
    Stern Dry Storage: 31.7 Gal / 120 L
    Maximum Capacity: 330 lbs / 150 kg

  • Delta 17 (Rudder)

    Delta 17 (Rudder)


    Delta 17 (Rudder)

    With a hull shape that reflects both British and North American influences, the Delta 17 is a great mix of stability, manoeverability, storage capacity and tracking.  Soft chines and a V-shaped hull give it an easy feel in the water and the moderate rocker makes turning simple.  There is lots of storage capacity and a handy day hatch for easy-to-reach items.  This elegant boat is ideal for lakes and ocean swells and surf; a good pick for extended trips. 

    Length: 17'
    Width: 22.5''
    Depth: 13''
    Weight: 50 lbs / 22.6 kg
    Cockpit: 17'' x 32''
    Cockpit Volume: 47 Gal / 179 L
    Bow Dry Storage: 26 Gal / 100 L
    Day Hatch: 1.8 Gal / 7 L
    Stern Dry Storage: 42 Gal / 158 L
    Maximum Capacity: 410 lbs / 186 kg

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