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James Briens

One of the owners of Eb’s Source for Adventure, James has been part of the Eb’s scene for over 30 years.  If you want to talk sailing, he is the guy for you.  A member of the Blackstrap Sailing Club, James really enjoys navigating boats of every size and design.  He also loves getting out with his family canoeing and camping in summer, and cross country skiing in winter.  His secret talent:  James has the uncanny ability to remember almost everyone he has ever met. 

 Kevin Robinson

The other owner of Eb’s Source for Adventure, Kevin started working part time in 1989.  He is an avid canoeist, participating in Marathon canoe racing and embarking on lengthy canoe trips in summer.  As soon as the first snowflakes fly Kevin is out on his cross country skis, training for local and international races and using his NCCP level 3 skills to coach the Saskatoon HiPer ski team.  Two things you should know about Kevin:  he is a waxing guru, and – like a bear – he’s very good natured if not provoked. 

 Jeff Roe

 Jeff has been part of the Eb’s team since 2007.  An enthusiastic cross country skier and kayak instructor, he can be found skiing the trails (and off them) in winter and rolling his kayak in summer.  Jeff enjoys collecting skis, canoes and kayaks almost as much as he enjoys using them.  You can usually find him in the back of the store, listening to his vast and eclectic music collection while waxing skis or assembling roof racks.

 Alison Meinert

The office manager at the store, you may know Alison as the coach of Youth HiPer.  Or perhaps you’ve bumped into her on various adventure races, on the field at an Ultimate competition, or dancing with the U of S Ballroom Dance Club.  When she can take time from all her other activities, Alison keeps everyone and everything organized and in line at Eb’s so things don’t get too crazy.

Edith MacHattie

First hired by Eb in 1991, Edith re-joined the team after years of wilderness experiences that have taken her from continent to continent.  She can be found racing marathon canoes in summer or paddling up to her cabin north of the Churchill River.  In winter she cross country ski races.   A peaceful person, Edith allows Kevin to beat her in these competitions just to keep everyone happy.

Sarah Brisbin 

Sarah’s love of the outdoors began with family camping trips when she was younger.  She also has fond memories of going through the Jackrabbit program with the Porcupine Ski Runners in Ontario and the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club.  In winter she loves to ski and teaches with the Bunnyrabbit program, and summer finds her hiking, kayaking and travelling the world for adventure - as if she doesn’t get enough at the store. 

Jessica Brandt 

Another Outdoor School alumnus and stand up paddle boarding fan, Jessie is as comfortable on the water as she is in front of a net.  Goaltending, that is.  With over ten years of hockey experience you should see how deftly she handles a stick.  Just imagine what she can do with a paddle.

Tyler Robinson 

Tyler’s gateway to the outdoors was canoe tripping with his uncle (despite being force-fed Red River Cereal).   Although he has been busy representing Saskatchewan on the soccer field and studying hard to get into Physio at the U of S, Tyler aims to continue exploring the outdoors as much as he can.  A fan of exercise, he has returned to cross country skiing and paddling in the hopes he can best his uncle one day.

Bryan Roset 

Many of you may already know Bryan.  He has decades of retail and small business experience behind him and always has a smile for you.  He and his wife bought their first pairs of nordic skis from Eb himself over 30 years ago, and they are still skiing on them - here in Saskatchewan and at their annual haunts in Jasper and Lake Louise.  Bryan is happiest outside whether he is kayaking the Hanging Hearts lakes, biking or hiking a new or familiar trail, or taking wildlife photos with the biggest SLR lens you've ever seen.