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 Alison Meinert

Alison not only owns the store, she is also our buyer and bookkeeper. You may know her as the coach of Youth HiPer and multiple Saskatchewan and Canada Games teams, and as the province's retired High Performance Director for Cross Country Saskatchewan.  Or perhaps you’ve bumped into her on various cycling escapades or on the field at an Ultimate competition.  When she can take time from all her other activities, Alison keeps everyone and everything organized and in line at Eb’s.

Jeff Roe at Eb's

 Jeff has been part of the Eb’s team since 2007.  An enthusiastic cross country skier and kayak instructor, he can be found skiing the trails (and off them) in winter and rolling his kayak in summer.  Jeff enjoys collecting skis, canoes and kayaks almost as much as he enjoys using them.  You can usually find him in the back of the store, listening to his vast and eclectic music collection while waxing skis or assembling roof racks.

Edith MacHattie

First hired by Eb in 1991, Edith re-joined the team after years of wilderness experiences that have taken her from continent to continent.  She can be found training on the river in summer or paddling up to her cabin north of the Churchill River. Edith has been the Saskatoon Canoe Club Marathon Director for years and is one of the top ranked female marathon paddlers in North America. In winter she cross country ski races and has given up trying to keep up with her boys on skis.   

Sarah Brisbin

Sarah’s love of the outdoors began with family camping trips when she was younger.  She also has fond memories of going through the Jackrabbit program with the Porcupine Ski Runners in Ontario and the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club.  In winter she loves to ski and teaches with the Jackrabbit program, and summer finds her hiking, kayaking and travelling the world for adventure. 

Steph at Eb's

Steph loves anything backcountry, whether it's hiking, camping or paddling (or all of the above). She's also an experienced bike tripper and does an epic trip every summer - such as 16 days on the Dempster Highway. Multi-talented, Steph is also a wrestler and is currently teaching herself to skateboard. 

John McLean at Eb's Source for Adventure

John brings a wealth of canoe tripping experience to the store, having tripped since he was a kid. His favourite place to be in summer is "in a canoe, a long way from anywhere". His involvement with the Saskatoon Canoe Club has included everything from leading multi-day trips to bailing people out of the river when necessary. He also cross country skis, and bikes year round. Always experimenting with building his own camping gear and perfecting recipes over the fire, John's got creative solutions for everything.

Paige at Eb's

Paige has recently purchased her first canoe after really enjoying Outdoor School. Her idea of fun? Paddling down the river and camping on a sandbar. Being a choir singer you'll probably hear her coming. She loves all kinds of camping, kayaking and fishing. 

rhiann at ebs

If you want to talk cross country skiing, Rhiann knows her stuff. She has been skiing and competing in both cross country and biathlon since 2016 which has taken her all the way to the podium at the Canada Games. Rhiann has also been canoe tripping since infancy, and loves to spend time camping and trail running. 

Alistair at Eb's

An up-and-coming cross country ski champion and sprint canoer, Alistair keeps himself busy training 12 months of the year. He's been skiing, canoeing, camping and cycling his entire life and when he's not out there racing and having adventures, he loves talking about it!

Rebecca at Eb's

You'll recognize Rebecca as the creator/owner of Back 40 Wilderness First Aid, known now as Back 40 Training. She brings a wealth of knowledge and backcountry experience to the store - and not just of first aid!  Also a long time volunteer with Search and Rescue, Rebecca is an adventurer both in remote locations and urban settings. One of her favourite places to be outside is along the river in Saskatoon. 

Jessica at Eb's

Jess has been cross country skiing since the age of four, racing since the age of five, and coaching since the age of sixteen - she spends a lot of time on snow! Growing up in Prince Albert she loved heading north on weekends to ski. Jess also has mad waxing skills and tech experience with skis, paddles and boat repairs. When the snow melts you'll still find her outside biking, camping, hiking and paddling.

Jennifer at Eb's

You may recognize Jennifer from Prince Albert National Park where she spends her summers as a Parks employee. Not only does she love paddling her favourite getaways, she has been cross country skiing since she could walk. Best of all she's a long time adult member of Girl Guides of Canada and keeps us well supplied with cookies. 


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