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About Us

“I can go sailing or hiking or cross country skiing… I like to keep active 12 months of the year, and there is every chance for that here.” -Eberhard Fass

Eb’s has always been the place where outdoor people meet. If you were a customer forty-five years ago, you might have walked into Eb’s Boat and Ski Shop to buy a sailboat or a pair of cross country skis. You may even have been one of the friends that helped Eb build the store in the same location it is today.

Thirty-five years ago, you would have noticed the name change to Eb’s Sailcraft and Cross Country Skis and the additions he put on to accommodate the bigger variety and volume of product he was bringing in. Perhaps you met a younger James Briens working here or were graced by the presence of Max, the resident Siamese cat.

Eb Fass and James Briens

Twenty-five years ago things were really rolling at the store, now called Eb’s Sail and Sports. The space was bursting with sailboats, canoes, kayaks, windsurfers, skis and camping gear of all kinds. Eb was well respected in the ski and boating communities and had been tremendously involved in promoting these sports in the province.

Ebs Sailcraft storefront

Today, owner Alison Meinert still operates under the same philosophy that Eb did. She only sells products for the activities she and her staff are personally involved in.

Eb's is still the place people meet to talk trails and conditions, waxes or hull shapes. Stories are shared and adventures planned.


Ebs Source for Adventure storefront