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Delta Traverse 17-5T (tandem)

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$3,175.00 - $3,175.00
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Delta's only tandem, this 2-person boat has the sleek lines, large capacity, outfitting and rudder system of an expedition kayak.  It is at home in various types of water and conditions.  Its long waterline and pronounced keel help it track well and the moderate rocker allows it to be maneuvered without effort.  The boat is stable and comfortable with two paddlers, and it only weighs 65 lbs!

Length: 17'6
Width: 27.25''
Depth: 13.5''
Weight: 65 lbs / 29.4 kg
Cockpits: 17'' x 32''
Bow Dry Storage: 15 gal / 56 L
Day Hatch: 9 gal / 34 L
Stern Dry Storage: 32 gal / 121 L
Maximum Capacity: 560 lbs / 254 kg

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