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Werner Cyprus bent shaft
Werner Cyprus bent shaft detail
Werner Cyprus shaft joint

Werner Cyprus 2pc (bent shaft)

Werner's most advanced high-angle paddle for those who want superior performance and ultralight weight.  This is the bent shaft, ergonomic version which reduces strain on the wrist by keeping it in a more neutral position.

The full carbon mid-sized blades are styled for high angle paddling and are buoyant in the water, giving the paddle an extremely lightweight feel.  The blade edges are reinforced with Dynel, a roping material that adds protection against impact and abrasion, and the smooth back face of the blade gives a clean entry and exit for quiet, efficient strokes. This paddle is a joy to use.

Blade surface area: 610 sq cm
Blade length x width: 18 x 46 cm
Weight:  719 g

For paddle sizing, see our blog post "Quick Guide to Sizing a Paddle".


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