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Thule box Force XT XXL
Thule Force XT lock
Thule Force XT Power Click mount system

Thule Force XT

This is a popular rooftop box in four sizes, great for everyday use. It's positioned forward on the roof so you get maximum access to your trunk. Dual side opening allows you to get at your gear from either side of the vehicle, and the lid locks (locks/keys included). It mounts quickly and easily and the knob has a torque indicator which clicks when the box is mounted properly. Load capacity is 75 kg, but be sure to check the specifications of your vehicle's roof.

Sport: volume 300L, exterior dimensions 190(L) x 63(W) x 43(H), weight 14.7 kg, max ski length 175 cm
L: volume 450L, exterior dimensions 190(L) x 84(W) x 46(H), weight 18.7 kg, max ski length 175 cm
XL: volume 500L, exterior dimensions 210(L) x 86(W) x 44(H), weight 21.3 kg, max ski length 195 cm
XXL: volume 625L, exterior dimensions 230(L) x 90(W) x 47(H), weight 23.6 kg, max ski length 215 cm