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Sea to Summit Ascent foot box
Sea to Summit Ascent stuffed

Sea to Summit Ascent ACI (-4C, down)

A lightweight, roomy down bag with full round-the-bottom zip on one side and a half zip on the other for lots of ventilation options. The shape is tapered rectangular so you don't feel constricted inside like a mummy bag. The bag is designed to zip with another. Vertical baffles over the chest ensure the down cannot migrate to the outside of the bag while you're sleeping. There is an internal zip pocket for essentials and the bag comes with Ultra-Sil compression bag and storage cell.

Insulation: 750+ ULTRA-DRY down
Warmth rating:  -4C  
Weight: 860 g (Reg), 930 g (Long)
Max user height: 183 cm (Reg), 198 cm (Long)