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Salomon Aero 9 eSKIN XSTIFF + Polink Shift Pro (skin)

The extra stiff version of the Aero 9 eSKIN, this 206 cm ski has a camber meant to support a heavier skier. It's got a high quality base and core with a sidecut to make it easy to control. This ski also comes pre-mounted with a binding that you can shift forward or backward without taking your boot out - this gives you the ultimate control over the amount of grip and glide you want. The skin gives you solid grip and is replacable after it wears out.

Sidecut: 48/46/44/46
Core:  Densolite 3000 
Base: G4
Plate: PSP, pre-mounted with Prolink Shift Binding
Weight/pr: 780 g