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Nemo Helio LX pressure shower
Nemo Helio LX pressure shower foot pump
Nemo Helio LX pressure shower lid
Nemo Helio LX pressure shower nozzle sleeve

Nemo Helio LX Pressure Shower

The larger version of Nemo's popular Helio pressure shower, the LX version holds 22 litres of water and gives 7-10 minutes of continuous, steady water pressure. Fill with warm water (or heat it in the sun), pump the pressure up using the foot pump (don't worry, you can't overpump it), and squeeze the nozzle to spray. You can also use the nozzle sleeve to hold the trigger open for hands-free water pressure.

Use the Helio for showering, rinsing equipment, watering plants, washing dog feet.. whatever you want. It's got 7 feet of hose and everything packs up into a compact package.

Weight: 905 g
Dimensions: 26 x 58 cm
Packed size: 16 x 26 cm