• MSR Stove WindPro II

    MSR Stove WindPro II


    MSR Stove WindPro II

    $120.00 Booyah!

    A remote-burner stove canister stove that works well in cold weather.  You get the convenience of a canister but are able to use windscreens and bake ovens with it.  The best part is that you can use the stove in traditional upright mode (most efficient and best flame control) but when the fuel runs low or the temperature gets cold you can invert the canister to deliver liquid gas directly to the burner.  Small enough to fit into a 1L pot, the WindPro II can support pots up to 10" in diameter.  For best results, use clean burning MSR IsoPro white gas.

    Minimum weight:  187g (6.6oz) 
    Packed weight:
      327g (11.5oz)
    Fuel type: white gas
    Boil time:  3.6 mins (1L)
    Burn time:  70mins for 227g (8oz) canister
    Box includes: stove, windscreen, heat reflector, canister stand, instructions, and stuff sack.

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