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MSR Hydration Bag Dromedary

MSR Hydration Bag Dromedary


Made of abrasion resistant Cordura and laminated with food grade polyurethane, MSR's tough Dromedary Bags are perfect for everything from alpine- to road warrior-style expeditions. They can handle freezing and boiling water and just about any kind of abuse you can imagine.The 3-in-1 cap lets you fill, drink and pour with ease, and you can attach the bag anywhere using the perimeter webbing.  Accessories like the Shower or Hydration Kits add do-all versatility. BPA free.


4L / 14 fl.oz

6L / 210 fl.oz

10L / 350fl.oz


25 x 48cm / 10 x 19"

28 x 56cm / 11 x 22"

34 x 60cm / 13.5 x 23.5"


196g / 6. oz

247g / 8.7oz

284g / 10oz