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MSR Guardian Gravity
MSR Guardian Gravity
MSR Guardian Gravity

MSR Guardian Gravity

The perfect companion from backcountry to world travel, this gravity-powered water purification system was designed to protect servicemembers in the field and meets the NSF P248 military testing standard. With its 10L reservoir it supports the daily water needs of multiple people, whether you are at basecamp or hanging out at the hostel. It will filter and purify "worst-case" water making it not only potable but better tasting, due to the activated carbon in the filter. To clean there is no need to backflush - simply opening the purge hose flushes the system to clean it. The Guardian Gravity is also fast, treating water with a flow of up to 1L in 2 minutes. Included is a water bottle adapter to fit a wide range of bottles, plus a carry bag small enough to fit into your carry-on.

Effective against:  protozoa, bacteria, viruses, particulate 
Weight: 530 g (1 lb 3 oz) 
Filter matrix: 
Flow (mL/min):  
Cartridge life (L):