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Malone SeaWing
Malone SeaWing
Malone SeaWing what's in the box

Malone SeaWing

With midpoint mounting you can position these cradles far out on your rack and make room for two boats.  They are slightly flexible so they are gentle on your kayak, and the low profile helps with gas mileage. You don't need any tools to attach the cradles to your rack and Malone's JAWZ mounting hardware fits on round, square and most factory oval cross rails.  To make it easier for one person to load you can attach the Stinger Load Assist module to the SeaWing (sold separately).

Capacity:  70 lbs, 32" wide kayak
Dimensions (LxWxH):  27" x 6" x 5"
Frame:  corrosion proof polycarbon
Padding:  ribbed synthetic rubber
In the box:  2 V-style cradles, 2 cam buckle straps, 2 JAWZ mounting blocks, 50mm and 60mm bolts with T-knobs, bow and stern tie downs