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Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit components
Kelly Kettle Ultimate scout kit components labeled
Kelly kettle being used
Hobo stove action
Kelly Kettle pot support

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit

No need to bring fuel - this little kit includes a small wood burning stove. Fill the kettle with water and place on the stove base. The kettle has a chimney on the inside so water boils quickly - and you can cook a small meal in the pot on top at the same time. Made of stainless steel, the Scout Kit is perfect for small groups or families and includes the following:

Scout Kettle (1.2 L) with fire base and green whistle (so you know when you're water has boiled)
Hobo stove - stand alone wood burning stove that fits in the base of your kettle
Cook set - a 0.85 L pot with pan/lid, grill set and pot gripper
2 x cups (500 ml and 300 ml) - with folding handles, silicone CooLip pieces, and folding handles (cups nest)
2 x plates - dishwasher safe and can be used as cooking pans if needed
Base/pot support - use over the kettle chimney to cook on, or as a base under your fire pan so you don't scorch the table
Storage bag

Weight of full set: 2.1 kg