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Katadyn BeFree Flask 3L
Katadyn BeFree Flask filter
Katadyn BeFree Flask 1L action
Katadyn BeFree Flask 3L action
Katadyn BeFree Flask 3L squirting into pot

Katadyn BeFree Flask

An award-winning, ultralight, on-the-go flask that ensures clean water on the trail.  Fill up the flask and gently squeeze it as you drink, helping force the water through the hollow fiber filter.  It will filter out sediment if the water is cloudy and to clean it you simply fill it with water, attach the cover, shake, and empty.  The 3L flask has a handle on top for easy carrying and hanging. When you're finished drinking, fold up the flask and stash it in a pocket.  100% BPA free.

Weight: 57g (1L), 114g (3L) 
Filter: 0.1 micron hollow fiber
Effective against (99.99%): bacteria and cysts  
Output: up to 2L per minute
Filter life: up to 1000 L