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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!

Grayl Geopress Purifier (700 ml)

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The Geopress gives you clean, filtered and purified water anywhere in the world. It protects against pathogens, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and microplastics and improves clarity, odour and taste. 

To use, simply fill, press, and drink. Pressing will take about 10 seconds (we tested it) and gives you 710 ml of safe clean drinking water anywhere on earth. It is easiest if you put the bottle on the ground and lean your body weight onto the lid, which has comfort pads on it for your hands. This forces the water through the cartridge. The cap will vent air while you do this.

The bottle is rated for about 350 cycles (250 L) and you'll know it's time to replace your cartridge when it takes 25 seconds to press your water. Replacement cartridges will last for 10 years in an airtight package if stored properly.

Effective against: viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts*  
Weight: 450 g
Capacity: 710 ml 
Dimensions: 26.5 cm high and 8.6 cm diameter 
Active technology: ion exchange, ultra-powdered carbon
Flow: 5 litres/minute   
Cartridge life: 250 litres

*including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery, and more

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