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Faber Snowshoe Mountain Pro underside
Faber Snowshoe Mountain Pro size chart
Faber Snowshoe Mountain Pro binding

Faber Snowshoe Mountain Pro 930

Faber snowshoes are made in Canada by people who know snow!  This model is made of strong 6061-T6 aluminum tubing which can handle a lot of stress.  The abrasion resistant TPR (thermo plastic rubber) decking is UV treated and made to withstand temperatures as low as -76°C (-105°F).  Two heavy duty aluminum crampons - one front and one rear - give great traction and the double ratcheting binding is easy to get into and out of.  The curved back end of the snowshoe minimizes the dragging effect and makes it a lot easier to move backwards.

The Mountain Pro comes in three sizes.  Check the chart (photo) to find your correct size.