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Delta 12AR

This compact recreational kayak has a hybrid catamaran hull - a single hull in the front and a dual hull in the back - great for tracking and stability.  The reduced beam and long waterline means less fishtailing as you paddle, despite the short length.  At only 42 lbs it's easy for anyone to handle, and it's a lot of fun to paddle.  The cockpit is large and open so you can enter and exit the kayak easily (and take your tiny dog for a paddle too!).  There is plenty of storage (including a sealed underdeck day pod) so this little boat can carry a decent amount of gear.  Features the Contour II Seat System which can be adjusted to multiple positions.

Length: 12'
Width: 26.5"
Depth: 14"
Weight:  42 lbs / 19 kg
Cockpit:  20'' x 50''
Stern Dry Storage:  33gal / 125L
Maximum Capacity:  320 lbs / 145 kg