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Clipper Tripper kevlar red
Clipper Tripper kevlar avocado

Clipper Tripper (Kevlar, black trim, deluxe yoke)

Fast, versatile, and stable, the best-selling Tripper is Clipper's most popular canoe and many of the staff here own one.  It's ample capacity will carry a family with kids or enough gear for an extended tandem wilderness trip.  With little rocker and nearly straight stems, the Tripper tracks very well and holds it's speed.  It can take anything from lakes and rivers to Class III whitewater and open ocean.  The Tripper is fast enough to race in, yet stable and versatile enough to take your kids out on the lake.

The hull is a shallow arch so you get good initial and secondary stability.  The bucket seats may not be as pleasing to look at as wood cane seats, but are supremely comfortable (ten thousand farmers can't be wrong) and are hung low enough that you are stable without kneeling, even in whitewater.  The footbrace increases your control of the canoe and eases strain on your back and the sliding bow seat allows you to easily trim the canoe.

These Trippers are a kevlar layup with contoured yoke and black trim option.

Length: 17′ 6″
Beam: 35″ (33″ at the 4″ waterline)
Bow Height: 21″
Stern Height: 18″
Center Height: 15″
Weight:  57 lbs


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