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Clipper Prospector 17 (kevlar, black trim)

Clipper's Prospector models closely resemble the lines of the Chestnut Canoe Company's famous wood canvas Prospector model (that's the one Bill Mason always paddled).  The traditional style has lots of tumblehome, moderate rocker for good maneoverability, and the characteristic rounded flared ends that give it such buoyancy in rough water.  It's a great canoe for down river running, tripping, or just hanging out on the lake.  You can easily paddle it solo by either kneeling in the tumblehome or by sitting on the bow seat and paddling the canoe backwards.  The boat is quite stable, but the wood web seats are high enough that you can comfortably kneel to increase your stability.  And the more you load the canoe, the more stable it gets. 

This canoe is a kevlar layup and comes with black trim.

Length: 17'2″
Beam: 36″ (34" at the 4″ waterline)
Bow Height: 21″
Stern Height: 21″
Center Height: 15″
Weight: 62 lbs