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Clipper Prospector 14 (kevlar/duraflex, black trim)

Designed by James van Nostrand, this classic style solo canoe features the rounded bow and rockered hull typical of most Prospectors. The seat is high enough to kneel while paddling. With a full 21" of depth bow and stern and 15" in the middle this boat is one of the largest volume solo boats, perfect for tripping and safer in bigger water than shallower hulls. It's simple, sleek, and a joy to paddle.

This canoe is the ultra tough kevlar/duraflex layup with black trim.

Length: 14'
Beam: 29″  (29″ at the 4″ waterline)
Bow Height: 21″
Stern Height: 21″
Center Height: 15″
Weight: 44 lbs


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