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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!

Clipper MacKenzie Sport 16'6 (FG, black trim, deluxe yoke)

Original price $3,130.00 - Original price $3,130.00
Original price
$3,130.00 - $3,130.00
Current price $3,130.00

The MacKenzie 16'6 square stern works well with an outboard in the 2 to 3HP range. It’s a natural with an electric motor up to 48 or 60 thrust. It is also easy to paddle. For solo use (without a motor) the MacKenzie 16.5 is available with an optional rowing rig. Load it up with 1300 lbs of gear and you will have 7” of freeboard.

This fiberglass canoe is stiffened with a vacuum-bagged foam core; this is a rigid and lightweight method to stiffen the hull. It weighs just 84 lbs and comes with a contoured yoke allowing you access to spots inaccessible to larger, heavier aluminum boats. This boat also has the black trim option.

Length:  16'6
Beam:  37" (35" at the 4" waterline)
Bow height:  23"
Stern height:  16"
Centre height:  16"
Weight: 84 lbs

A portion of the costs to transport this item from the manufacturer to Saskatoon have been included in the price.

This item cannot be shipped to customer and can only be picked up in store.

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