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Clipper Mackenzie 18'6 (kevlar, black trim)

A large capacity touring canoe for large loads. Great for families. It will carry 1400 lbs with 7" of freeboard and offers excellent stability and performance. With a vacuum bagged foam core there are no ribs for your gear to get hung up on and you can load it how you want it. The contoured yoke makes portaging much more comfortable, and the sliding bow seat allows the front paddler to position themselves where they feel best and helps you trim the canoe.

This canoe is a kevlar layup with black trim option and comes standard with a sliding bow seat and deluxe contoured yoke.

Length:  18'6
Beam:  37" (35" at the 4" waterline)
Bow height:  22"
Stern height:  22"
Centre height:  16"
Weight: 70 lbs


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