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Clipper Cascade sand
Clipper Cascade avocado

Clipper Cascade (FG, black trim, deluxe yoke, sliding seat)

If stability is tops on your list, the Cascade is an excellent choice.  With a shallow arch hull and soft chines this canoe is more controllable in bad weather than other canoes built for speed.  Great for families and pets, the Cascade is a versatile boat that can handle lake or river travel.  It also has enough capacity for tripping with gear.  It's got standard bucket seats (very comfortable!) and a footbrace in the stern. 

This boat is the fiberglass layup with attractive black trim option, deluxe contoured yoke, and sliding bow seat for trimming the boat.

Length: 16′ 8″
Beam: 36″ (34″ at the 4″ waterline)
Bow Height: 20″
Stern Height: 20″
Center Height: 14″
Weight:  66 lbs


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