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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!

Clipper Caribou S (kevlar/duraflex, black trim)

Original price $3,720.00 - Original price $3,720.00
Original price
$3,720.00 - $3,720.00
Current price $3,720.00

Designed by Lloyd Beaule of Calgary, the Caribou S is one of our most popular solo canoes. It is designed to be paddled from a seated or kneeling position and has a wood web seat mounted flat. This boat has some flare and depth at the bow and stern to deflect waves and a bit of tumblehome so it gets stable when loaded. It's a great little solo tripping boat that is meant for lots of gear, and handles most conditions quite well. We enjoy paddling it!

This model is the extra tough kevlar/duraflex layup with no ribs or foam core, but layers of kevlar, S-glass and E-glass to stiffen the hull. It also has the black trim option.

Material: kevlar/duraflex
Length:  15'3
Width:  27" (30.6" at the 4" waterline)
Bow height: 20" 
Stern height: 20" 
Centre height:
Weight:  54 lbs

A portion of the costs to transport this item from the manufacturer to Saskatoon have been included in the price.

This item cannot be shipped to customer and can only be picked up in store.

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