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Clipper Caribou S (kevlar/duraflex, black trim)

Designed by Lloyd Beaule of Calgary, the Caribou S is one of our most popular solo canoes. It is designed to be paddled from a seated or kneeling position and has a wood web seat mounted flat. This boat has some flare and depth at the bow and stern to deflect waves and a bit of tumblehome so it gets stable when loaded. It's a great little solo tripping boat that is meant for lots of gear, and handles most conditions quite well. We enjoy paddling it!

This model is the extra tough kevlar/duraflex layup with no ribs or foam core, but layers of kevlar, S-glass and E-glass to stiffen the hull. It also has the black trim option.

Material: kevlar/duraflex
Length:  15'3
Width:  27" (30.6" at the 4" waterline)
Bow height: 20" 
Stern height: 20" 
Centre height:
Weight:  54 lbs