• C-Tug Kayak Trolley

    C-Tug Kayak Trolley


    C-Tug Kayak Trolley

    $200.00 Booyah!

    A lightweight, tough little kayak cart that works over a variety of terrain.  The wheels have a grippy rubber tread and are not pneumatic so will never puncture.  The cart holds a lot of weight and breaks down quickly so you can store it in your kayak hatch.  No tools are needed to re-assemble it and it has an adjustable kickstand to keep it steady while you load it.  The cart itself is made of engineered composite materials with stainless steel reinforced axles.  Also can be used for lightweight canoes.

    Weight:  4.3 kg (10 lbs)
    Load limit:  120kg (300 lbs) static loading


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