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Outlander Skis | short, fat and fun

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Does that look like fun or what!

According to the Farmer's Almanac we are in for a long, cold winter.  The best way to deal with this is to embrace it, and the Outlander Ski from Erik Sports makes playing in the snow a whole lot easier.  

Erik Sports Outlander Skis

Think of it as a cross between a ski and a snowshoe.  It comes in only two lengths, 130cm for skiers up to 160lbs and 145cm for those over that.  That's so short you can throw these babies in the trunk of your car.

The short length also means they are light and easy to manoever.   With an exaggerated 96-55-96 sidecut they are simple to turn on a glide and all that width at the tips gives great flotation on loose snow.  Full metal edges and an aggressive waxless pattern in the bases gives reliable grip and allows for easy climbing.

Running through the forest with Erik Sports Outlander Skis

Best part?  You don't need to buy ski boots.  The Universal Binding fits almost all types of footwear.  Simply strap on and go.   

So throw a pair of these babies in your vehicle next time you head out of town.  Even if it's only as far as Cranberry Flats or Sutherland Beach, there's a whole lot of snowy fun to be had out there this winter.  

For pricing and availability, check our website here.


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