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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Review: Lenz Heat Sock 4.0

Review: Lenz Heat Sock 4.0

We get a lot of customers asking us what to do about cold feet while they are outside in winter. Single-use Hot Shots can be life savers while out skiing in the cold, but having a more sophisticated (and less disposable) solution is desirable. 

cold feet in ski boots

We've brought in various brands of heated socks over the years, but this year due to popular demand we brought in the highly rated Lenz 4.0 heated socks. These came recommended to us by trusted customers. Alison, who spends a lot of time coaching nordic skiers, decided to give the socks a try.

Out of the box

Out of the box you get one pair of knee-high socks, two lithium rcB 1200 rechargeable packs, a global USB charger (100-240V), a USB charging cable with indicator, and a storage bag. The socks have heating elements along the top of the foot and surrounding the toe box.

The lowdown

The socks themselves seem well made and are stretchy and comfortable. Alison says they feel the same as a normal sock - she can't feel the wires inside, and her feet fit normally inside her ski boots. The battery pack which sits on the outside of the upper calf is slightly bulky but it doesn't bother her, and her pants fit over top just fine.

Alison wearing Lenz heated socks

The battery pack has 3 levels of heat that you adjust by pushing a button. For better control you can download the Lenz app for no charge. This allows you to control the heat for each sock independently (or together) on a scale of 1-9. You can even set intervals for them to be heating and not heating.

The battery will last a whole day on low-medium. The heat seems to kick in pretty quickly too, Alison says. The batteries charge in only a couple of hours. 

Lenz heated sock battery pack

In short: pros and cons

Probably the biggest con would be washing the socks, according to Alison. You'll want to wear them all the time outdoors so that means a lot of washing (unless you get a second pair). They need to be hand washed ideally, and hung or laid out to dry. The only other thing she noticed was not really a con, but just strange.. you can't turn the battery pack off. You simply put it into "standby" mode and a light will blink for 12 hours before it turns off. This is not a defect, it is in the manual; it just seems a little odd. 

Pros: they don't feel like you're wearing socks with wires in them. Having the app allows you to control the socks with your phone which is really handy, and the battery life is good. The biggest pro of course is having warm feet in the winter, something that seems a dream for many of us!  Alison now wants heated gloves, vest, and anything else available. 



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ebsadventure - August 13, 2021

Hi Andy,
Thanks for sharing your positive experience with the socks! Good to hear from another fan.
- the Eb’s team

Andy Siegel - August 13, 2021

These socks have been the solution to all my winter woes snowboarding over 100 days each season. I’ve had problems with my toes getting so cold for many years because I used to play hockey outdoors all the time so damaged nerves in my feet. I usually stay on the mountain for over 7 hours so toes get worse as the day goes on.. Not anymore thanks to the amazing technology of Lenz Heated Socks. I just start out with batteries on low setting and if necessary go to middle setting later in the day if it’s really cold. They are incredible keeps my toes warm enough so they don’t get cold all day long. Just don’t forget to charge the batteries every night and you’ll be ready to go the next day. I was worried would feel the weight of the batteries but they are really light and not bulky at all. Don’t even notice they are there since the socks have a great design that lets you fold them over the top cuff to keep the batteries secure. I bought the Lithium RCB 1200 battery size which was plenty of charge for all day when the lifts are open, if you’ll be outside longer than 8 hours might go for the 1800 more powerful size. I like to keep my feet so dry all day as well so bought 2 pairs of socks, when I take a break for lunch change the socks so there’s no moisture my feet sweat a bit while riding and hiking so make a big difference for me.

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