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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Campfire cones

Campfire cones

campfire cone

We needed a change from s'mores, so we recently tried out campfire cones and are total converts.  Here's why:

  • they are cleaner (your fingers don't get all gooey)
  • even little kids can make their own
  • there are infinite ways to tailor them to your precise liking

You can pack whatever you like into these things, which is what makes them so fun.  You can use the kids as an excuse to make them, or just say who cares - grownups deserve a treat too.  (Hint: stuff one of those little booze filled chocolates in there.)

campfire cone supplies

You will need:

  • sugar (or waffle) cones
  • mini marshmallows
  • tin foil

Filling options:

  • chocolate chips
  • caramels
  • mini M&M's 
  • sliced bananas or strawberries
  • blueberries
  • shredded coconut
  • nuts
  • peanut butter
  • graham cracker bits
  • granola

A note about the fillings: the smaller they are, the easier they fit into the cones.  

campfire cone fillings

When the cones are filled, wrap them in tinfoil and heat them up in an oven, camp stove, or campfire.  This takes about 5 minutes - just make sure it's not too direct a heat source or you'll burn your cone. 

heating campfire cones

It works best if you can keep the cones upright so the filling doesn't ooze out.  We only had a campstove so we used tongs.

And there you go.  Unwrap carefully and enjoy!

campfire cones kids

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