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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
The Race | single blade or double blade paddle?

The Race | single blade or double blade paddle?

This past weekend was our Demo Day here in Saskatoon.  A few weeks ago one of our young employees, Gaspard, was rash enough to challenge Eb's owner Kevin to a paddling race.  It would take place the morning of Demo Day.

The race would have each contestant in the same model of kayak (a Delta 12s).  Gaspard would have a double blade kayak paddle and Kevin would use a single blade canoe paddle.

Little knowing what he was getting into, Gaspard agreed to feed the entire staff his mom's lasagne if he lost the race.

Kevin and Gaspard

Paddlers usually fall into one of the two camps and have strong opinions on which type of paddle is better.  Debates over the potential for shoulder injuries, cadence and efficiency of power delivery and steering options are commonplace when paddlers of the opposing camps come together.  It can get heated and is almost always friendly and highly entertaining.

Thus the race.

Setting up before the race, Kevin craftily moved his seat forward which would trim the boat properly when under power.  Gaspard did a few jumping jacks to warm up.

Single blade vs double blade paddle race start

Gaspard charged off the start line.  You have to admire the power of a young man.  However Kevin (with his long history of marathon canoeing) conserved energy by riding wash and proceeded to strike up a relaxed conversation with the perspiring young leader.  

Wanting to be first around the bridge pier, Kevin blasted ahead and led the upstream portion all the way up the shore.  When he crossed the finish line several boat lengths ahead of his opponent, Kevin twirled his paddle in the air.  Single blade wins!

Single blade paddle wins the race

As Garpard collapsed on the dock, Kevin confessed that he had just begun to warm up and was now ready for a real paddle.

And we all get lasagne on Wednesday :)



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