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ZRE Power Surge carbon grip

ZRE Power Surge Medium (small shaft)

Designed by Bob Zaveral, Serge Corbin and Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Barton, the Power Surge is one of the most popular flatwater racing paddles in North America.  The Medium is one ounce heavier than the Power Surge Light and is great for training or racing rough courses when durability is important.  Made entirely of carbon fibre - even the grip.  There is 1cm or so on the blade tip and edges that can be sanded down to take out nicks and splits, and the three parts of the paddle (grip, shaft, blade) are individually replaceable.

This version has a smaller diameter shaft and smaller grip than the regular version and fits hands around 7" long (from wrist to tip of longest finger) or smaller.

Weight:  269g (9.5oz)
Material:  carbon fibre
Blade length:  18"
Angle:  12 degrees

For paddle sizing, see our blog post "Quick Guide to Sizing a Paddle" .