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NRS Super 2 HP Pump pressure gauge
NRS Super 2 HP Pump high pressure mode
NRS Super 2 HP Pump high volume mode
NRS Super 2 HP Pump valve fittings

NRS Super 2 HP Pump

A sturdy, durable double-chambered pump for optimal power with minimal effort. Can inflate up to 25 psi. For maximum output, push in the black AIR MAX button to engage the larger diameter outer chamber for inflating in the high volume mode. For inflating to high pressure with less effort, push in the black POWER BOOSTER button to engage the smaller diameter inner chamber. Note: make sure the pump handle is pushed completely down before pushing the button to switch modes.

Includes Leafield C7/D7 Valve Adapter and other adapters that fit Halkey-Roberts New Short, Summit 2 and H3 valves.