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Malone Telos XL load assist bottom extensions
Malone Telos XL load assist cradles
Malone Telos XL load assist set up

Malone Telos XL Load Assist

This is basically the Telos Load Assist but with bottom extensions to the ground for extra support.  To use, hook the loading frame into your Downloader, Autoloader or J-Loader and extend the legs to the ground, locking them in place.  Load your kayak at waist height into the padded cradles and ratchet it up to your rooftop rack.  The ratchet system is self-locking so it won't suddenly release.  Suction cups support the frame against your vehicle without scratching it, and the whole assembly stores compactly in your trunk.

Length:  105" (extended), 60" (retracted) 
Frame:  aluminum and coated steel


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