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13072 Lasso Locking Cable Kong (for Touring Kayaks -- in stuff sack)
13072 Lasso Locking Cable Kong (for Touring Kayaks -- instructions diagram)

Lasso Locking Cable Kong for Touring Kayaks (combination/key)

For Closed Deck Touring Kayaks

    Lasso's Kong Cable is designed to have the greatest versatility of any kayak lock available on the market today. The thicker cable and bigger lock are an impressive visual deterrent. If you're going to lock your kayak, make it as difficult on the would-be-thief as possible. Because the Kong Cable secures your whole boat, not just a grab loop or other attachment, this creates a striking visual deterrent.

The Kong Advantage:

  • Galvanized steel aircraft cable is vinyl coated to 1/2'' thick
  • Uses key or combination in the same housing for added versatitlity
    - If you forget your combination, use your key to open the lock and re-set your code
    - If you lose your key just open the lock with you personal combination code
    - The Kong Cable really is the ultimate in versitility.
  • Sliding keyhole cover protects against the elements and keeps debris out
  • Re-settable combination; easily set it to any 4-digit number you choose
  • Stuff sack included



4.5 lbs

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