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Counter Assault Bear Keg

A tough, smooth-sided cannister that keeps its contents safe against bears, as there is nothing to grip. Three stainless steel locks keep it closed tight and they open easily with a coin and an opposable thumb (ie not a bear). It is made of a polymer blend and weighs in at 1.6kg so it's not light, but if you are backpacking through bear country it is highly recommended you have some way of keeping your food safe.

This keg will keep most rain out if you store it upside down, but it's a good idea to put your food in ziploc bags if you're going to be in wet weather. The keg is bright and visible, plus has a reflective strip around the middle so you can see it at night with a flashlight. The volume is big enough for about 12-15 dehydrated meal packets.

Capacity: 11.7 L
Dimensions: 23 x 35 cm