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Clipper Yukon profile
Clipper Yukon top view
Clipper Yukon fiberglass canoe in action
Clipper Yukon fiberglass canoe capacity vs freeboard
Clipper Yukon fiberglass canoe features ratings

Clipper Yukon

Affordable, dependable and versatile, the Yukon is built to last.  Designed by James van Nostrand, a prominent Canadian canoe designers, it's the model we chose for our rental fleet as it is stable, roomy and comfortable.  You can load it up for a wilderness adventure or take the family out on the lake - the canoe glides well and maneovers easily.  Suitable for anyone from beginners to adventure racers.

This boat is a fiberglass layup with standard bucket seats and footbrace.

Please note the canoe may not look exactly like the photograph.

Length: 16′ 8″
Beam: 36″  |  34″ (@ 4″Waterline)
Bow Height: 20″
Stern Height: 20″
Center Height: 14″
Weight: (fiberglass) 70lbs


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