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Clipper Ranger 17 (FG, Deluxe Yoke, Black Trim & Sliding Bow Seat)

The Ranger is a great all-round canoe that can handle a variety of conditions.  It's got a little more rocker than many other Clipper boats which increases its maneuverability. Added flare in the bow and stern provides a drier ride. The volume at the 4-6″ waterline (about where the paddlers sit) has been increased. This won’t slow the canoe down when paddled lightly loaded but it will provide a more seaworthy ride and a larger carrying capacity when required. The Ranger tracks well and is an excellent canoe for the inexperienced as well as more seasoned paddlers.

This Ranger is a fiberglass layup with vacuum-bagged foam core, black trim, contoured yoke and sliding bow seat.

Length: 17'
Beam: 36″ (33″ at the 4″ waterline)
Bow Height: 20″
Stern Height: 20″
Center Height: 14″
Weight:  64 lbs


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