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Clipper MacKenzie Sport 16'6 (Kevlar, Black Trim)

The MacKenzie 16'6 works well with an outboard in the 2 to 3HP range or an electric motor up to 48 or 60 thrust. For solo use without a motor you can get an optional rowing rig (sold separately). Load it up with 1300 lbs of gear and you will have 7” of freeboard. This boat is a popular choice with hunters and fishermen.

The canoe is a Kevlar layup stiffened with a vacuum-bagged foam core, a rigid and lightweight method to stiffen the hull. The boat also has the black trim option.

Length:  16'6
Beam:  37" (35" at the 4" waterline)
Bow height:  23"
Stern height:  16"
Centre height:  16"
Weight: 69 lbs


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