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Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit

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No need to bring fuel - this little kit includes a small wood burning stove. Fill the kettle with water and place on the stove base. The kettle has a chimney on the inside so water boils quickly - and you can cook a small meal in the pot on top at the same time. Made of stainless steel, the Scout Kit is perfect for small groups or families and includes the following:

Scout Kettle (1.2 L) with fire base and green whistle (so you know when you're water has boiled)
Hobo stove - stand alone wood burning stove that fits in the base of your kettle
Cook set - a 0.85 L pot with pan/lid, grill set and pot gripper
2 x cups (500 ml and 300 ml) - with folding handles, silicone CooLip pieces, and folding handles (cups nest)
2 x plates - dishwasher safe and can be used as cooking pans if needed
Base/pot support - use over the kettle chimney to cook on, or as a base under your fire pan so you don't scorch the table
Storage bag

Weight of full set: 2.1 kg

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