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Malone Downloader

With a quick pull on the release pin, the cradle on this kayak rack folds down to give you maximum clearance in your garage.  The cradles also have small flat "loading ramps" to help rest your boat on as you heave it up onto your car top.  Holes in these ramps are where you can attach the Telos Load Assist module (sold separately) which allows a single person to load a boat at waist height.  You don't need any tools to attach the cradles to your rack and Malone's JAWZ mounting hardware fits on round, square and most factory oval cross rails. 

Capacity:  75 lb, 36" wide kayak
Dimensions (LxWxH):  17" x 6" x 19.5" (raised) and 6" (lowered)
Weight:  16 lbs (set of 2)
Frame:  coated steel, injection molded nylon 
In the box:  2 J-style fold down cradles, 2 cam buckle straps, JAWZ mounting blocks, 60mm and 70mm bolts with T-knobs, 2 bow and stern lines