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Salus Skippy Dog PFD

Salus Skippy Dog PFD

Dogs are really family members in canine form.  Most dogs are great swimmers - but this PFD not only helps them swim in potentially dangerous situations, its handles make it easier to lift your friend into the boat and the bright colours keep them visible while chasing squirrels or scouting the portage trail. 

Flotation under the chest and stomach gives great buoyancy and protects tender tummies while crashing through the bush.  The vest has mesh pockets and reflective piping.  With various sizes, you can find a fit whether your pooch is Fifi or Marmaduke.  Canadian Coast Guard approved.

Size Dog weight Dog size
XS 5-10 lbs cat
S 10-30 lbs raccoon
M 30-60 lbs Snoopy
L 60-100 lbs Lassie
XL 100-130 lbs Marmaduke