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Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!
Celebrating 50 YEARS of Business - Thank you to our loyal customers!

Lasso Locking Cable "Lock All" Combination

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The Lasso Master LOCK-ALL is a unique and versatile locking device that allows you to secure quickly and easily all the things you couldn’t lock before -- locks anything with a hole.

    The LOCK-ALL utilizes a vinyl-coated galvanized steel cable with hardened die-cast zinc attachment multipliers that won’t rust and are corrosion resistant for years of continuous trouble free use. The new customizable Barrel Lock allows you to set whatever four-digit combination you choose.

    The LOCK-ALL requires a very small opening (less than 3/4”) in order to lock your gear to any stationary object like a tree, u-bolt, truck cleat, sign post, door handle, park bench, BBQ or any other available anchor point. Then, rest assured, your valuable items will be there when you return.

The Lasso Master LOCK•ALL Advantage:         Simple-Quick-Secure

  • Simply and easily secure all your gear to almost any stationary object
  • Can secure multiple items at one time
  • Cable fits through openings less than 3/4"
  • Re-settable combination code that you can easily set to any 4-digit number you choose

One end loops around anchor point; one end loops around item to be secured.



2 lbs

Cable Size


Overall Length


Max Loop Size


Kayaks • Canoes • Bicycles • Lawn Mower • Gas Can • Toolbox • Ladder • Ice Chest • Golf Bags • Chain Saw • Weed Whip • Life Jackets • Kayaking Helmets • Motorcycle Helmets • Bicycle Helmets • Crocodile • Lawn Chairs • Golf Cart • Motorcycles • Go Carts • Trash Cans • ATVs • UTVs • Spare Tires • Snow Blower • Picnic Table • Scooters • Jet Ski • Snow Plow • BBQ • Snow Mobile • Power Tools • Trailer • Gates • Boats • Steering Wheel • Chipper • Roto-tiller • Log Splitter • Cement Mixer • Wheel Barrow • Dinghy • Outboard Engine • etc, etc, etc.

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