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Wenonah Prism top view

Wenonah Prism (Tuf-Weave/Flex-Core, black trim)

Wenonah's most popular composite solo canoe, the Prism has zero rocker for excellent tracking and speed. It's all about glide. It has enough volume to accommodate gear for medium length trips depending on how you pack, and is a beautiful boat for cruising empty. Unlike many sleek boats it readily returns to a stable position, making it a little more relaxing to paddle.

The Prism we have in stock is a Tuf-Weave/Flex-Core layup. Tuf-Weave is a fabric made of 50% polyester and 50% fiberglass that results in a very tough composite hull with good impact resistance. Flex-Core construction adds an extra fabric layer in the hull adding rigidity and strength and eliminating the need for ribs. This canoe also has the black trim option.

Length: 16'6
Beam: 26″ (29.75" at waterline)
Bow Height: 19″
Stern Height: 17″
Center Height: 12.5″
Rocker: 0"
Weight:  40 lbs


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