• Vauhti Grip Wax Teho Violet

    Vauhti Grip Wax Teho Violet

    Vauhti Grip Wax Teho Violet

    Vauhti Grip Wax Teho Violet

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    Teho grip waxes were designed for man-made snow and other conditions where you need more grip than a regular or fluoro wax can give, yet klister would give too much.  The series has a wide temperature range - it's more the physical conditions of the snow that dictates which wax to choose.  Teho waxes should always be applied in thinner layers than regular or fluoro waxes because they have so much grip.

    Teho Violet works well on coarse snow, but not on new or old fine grained snow.  If the snow can be made into a snowball it is too wet for Violet and you'll need to move to a klister.  Violet can also be used as a base binder if you need a bit more grip under your regular waxes. 

    There are two ways to apply Teho Violet.  It is recommended to heat the surface of the canister with a heat gun or blow drier until the wax starts to liquify.  Then with your finger or a clean scraper corner take small amounts of wax and smooth them onto your base as you would a klister.  Re-warm the applied wax and smooth it to a thin layer. 

    Alternatively, you can freeze the canister and then peel and apply as a regular kick wax.

    Temperature range: +5/-4°C
    Snow type: coarse snow
    Application: heat and apply, or freeze and rub on

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