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Thermarest NeoAir XLite

Thermarest's updated version of their best-selling, compact NeoAir mattress. It's a whole R-degree warmer than the previous version and has the new WingLock valve for easier and quicker inflation/deflation. The wings of the valve toggle for one-way inflation so you don't hyperventilate while setting up your mattress.

The entire mat packs into the size of a water bottle and weighs very little.  Reflective baffling inside the mattress create pockets of air that trap heat and keep the mat stable.  The mat is far more durable than it looks, and comes with pump sack, stuff sack and repair kit.

  Regular Large
R-value 4.2 4.2
Weight 340 g 460 g
Width 51 cm 64 cm
Length 183 cm 196 cm
Thickness 6.4 cm 6.4 cm
Packed dimensions 23 x 10 cm 28 x 12 cm