• Sea to Summit Pocket Shaving Soap

    Sea to Summit Pocket Shaving Soap

    Sea to Summit Pocket Shaving Soap

    Sea to Summit Pocket Shaving Soap

    $6.00 Booyah!

    Lightweight, dry soap that you can carry anywhere without leaking

        Sea to Summit's Trek & Travel pocket soaps contain 50 leaves of pure, dry soap so there's no risk of leakage in your luggage or pack and no risk of having it confiscated by airport security. The leaves are easy to ration and have a nice light green tea scent. And don't worry! -- the soap is biodegradeable.

        This product is super handy for travel or camping or even for just-in-case storage in your purse/bag because they're so lightweight and compact. The Trek & Travel Pocket Soaps come in 5 unique formulations: Body Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, Hand Wash, Laundry Wash, and Shaving Soap.

    Product Details:

    Weight: 0.5oz / 15g
    Phosphate and Paraben free
    Light Green Tea fragrance
    50 soap leaves in each pack
    TSA Carry-on compliant


    Tips & Tricks: 

    1. Make sure your hands are dry when you grab your leaves from the pack, otherwise you're going to end up with goopy lump of 50 soap leaves.
    2. Get a lather going by wetting the leaf (or a few leaves) just a little bit in your cupped hands before use.
    3. For the Laundry Wash, either put the soap in the water before your clothes or (dissolve the leaf completely and create a lather in your hands before putting the soap in the basin with your clothing) otherwise you might get little bits of the leaf clinging to your clothing.

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