• Riot Intrigue MKII Tandem (Therm)

    Riot Intrigue MKII Tandem (Therm)

    Riot Intrigue MKII Tandem (Therm)

    Riot Intrigue MKII Tandem (Therm)

    Riot calls this boat the "SUV of kayaking".  With big volume, the MKII has great buoyancy which means a drier ride for everybody.  It can handle rough water and takes a big load.  Despite its size you can turn it easily, making it a good boat for rivers and marshes as well as bigger water.  It's got front and rear sealed bulkheads and a hatch in the back, and the adjustable seats make for a comfortable ride. 

    Length : 15‘ (457 cm)
    Width : 28’’ (71.7 cm)
    Weight : 64.8 lbs (29.4 kg)
    Max disp: 500 lbs (226 kg)
    Cockpit size: rear 46.5‘’ x 16.5‘’ (118×42 cm); front 30‘’ x 15.5‘’ (76x 39 cm)

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